This year, business is booming in the online casino industry. Many online casinos are popping up on the internet, and we urge our readers to be mindful of which online casino to support, as they are a lot of shady organizations out there looking to exploit and scam new players that do not know any better. One way to avoid shady and unreliable online casinos is by reading reviews of online casinos before signing up, or pay attention to any warnings and updates posted by online casino watchdogs that work ever so hard on the internet.


Today, we will be viewing at one of the most celebrated online casinos in Asia, this online casino is known to have many names due to multiple rebranding efforts to expand their base of operations and user base. This online casino is called SCR888, or 918kiss for some parts of the internet. Eight is the number known to bring fortune within the chinese community, and this belief rings true for an online casino like SCR888 as well. 


In southeast asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, the name SCR888 is especially dominant, this is because it is one of the most famous, reliable, well-rounded and celebrated online casinos in the entire region. Consistently ranked within top 10 by any online casino review sites and blogs, SCR888 is not only the largest online casino with the most sizable player base, perhaps of all time, but also the fastest growing online casino currently operating in the industry. 


It is obvious that with such a great reputation, you can expect SCR888 to be a legit and accredited online casino. SCR888 is trusted by 100% of the online casino community in Malaysia, in which it gathers the largest user base. Users that frequent SCR888 cites praise for the online casino regarding its flawless security and commendable efforts in providing the most satisfying service for all of their members, we can vouch for such a statement as well.


Furthermore, SCR888 is an online casino that boasts the largest catalogue of great games in southeast asia. Here, SCR888 fans can find their favorite slot games, fishing games, baccarat games, poker games among countless others, all presented in high quality and fully optimized for all operating systems including major ones such as IOS for the iphone and android phones.


That is right, SCR888 is an app based online casino that is compatible with all platforms. SCR888 fans get to enjoy all these immersive, thrilling and exciting games on their desktop, laptop, tablet and of course, mobile phones. SCR888 is the online casino that made gaming on the go possible, it is truly a convenient place to stay entertained. On SCR888, online gamers can expect uninterrupted gameplay for up to 10 hours. SCR888 ensures that everyone who games with them is satisfied with their service.


To download SCR888, simply go to to download the SCR888 apk. This apk file is required for manual installation, for more information on how to install and download SCR888 onto your phone, read our article on the topic now.